Birds In Origami A great book for an intermediate folder who enjoys folding birds. There are instructions to fold 15 models. John Montroll, $2.95, 0-486-28341-0, 48 pages

Classic Origami A great intermediate book with illustrations to fold 26 animal or insect models. P.D. Tuyen, $10.95, 0-8069-1281-2, 80 pages

Fascinating Origami "This book of unusually original and inventive projects, presented by origami expert Vincente Palacios, provides instructions for constructing over 100 different models attributed to Cerceda.  Designed especially for newcomers to the art of  paper folding, they include such traditional figures as a duck in flight, a camel, rabbit, elephant, penguin, cat, jaguar, lion and lioness, butterfly and polar bear, as well as such unusual subjects as a vampire, kneeling angel, devil, Pegasus (the winged horse), a sofa and other ingenious creations." Vincente Palacios, $9.95, 0-486-29351-3, 92 pages

Origami Pocket size book (4 X 6), instructions for 72 models Toyoaki Kawai $9.00 0-87040-965-4 135 pages.

Creative Origami  Pocket size book (4 X 6),   instructions for 47 models Toyoaki Kawi $9.00  0-87040-966-2 123 pages.

Living Origami  Pocket size book (4 X 6),   instructions for 62 models Takuji Sugimura $9.00  0-87040-967-0 124 pages.
Folding Money Books  

Folding Money Book 9 classic dollar bill models plus a chapter on how to use these money folds to make money. Adolfo Cerceda $6.50 999-871 46 pages

Folding Money Volume 2 Victor Frenkil, Fold the alphabet or numbers from a dollar bill. 20 other models by various authors including Neal Elias and Robert Neale. Fold a church building, a shoe or even a ring. Also includes a chapter on how to sell the items you folded. $9.50 999-872 130 pages.

The Art of Folding Money 6 original models, includes pistol, rifle, captains wings, bowie knife, bill dog, and steer Dollar Bill Caruba $4.00 999-873 24 pages

The Art of Folding Money 6 original models, includes Washington & Lincoln walking, elephant, bunny, ring, pyramid, and bow tie Dollar Bill Caruba $4.00 999-874 24 pages

The Buck Book This is a MUST book for all those who enjoy folding dollar bills. Some of the models included are peacock, dollar ring, bow tie, jumping frog, elephant, dime-in-ring, and buffalo bill badge. The book also included a REAL dollar bill to help you begin your dollar bill journey in folding. All models are very well illustrated and diagrammed. Anne Akers Johnson $12.95 1-878257-51-X 82 pages..


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