Bustling Rooster

By the late Father Francis K. McNaul

Start from rectangle 

Step 1. Fold in along the marked lines.



Step 2. Crease making

Step 3. Open up and fold in.

Step 4. The same fold behind.

Step 5. Reverse Fold up even. Turn upside down

Step 6.  

Step 7. Reverse Fold

Step 8. Reverse Fold

Step 9. Make sure to cut only the flaps

Step 10. Valley Fold

Step 11.  

Step 12. Leg making

Step 13. The same fold behind.

Step 14. Mountain Fold

Step 15. Mountain Fold

Step 16. Reverse Fold

Step 17. Reverse Fold

Step 18. The same fold with the other leg.

Step 19. Make a crease first and squash and sink.

Step 20.  

Step 21.  


Step 22. Done. Hold the neck and pull the tip of the tail quickly and strongly, and the rooster flaps his wings briskly.


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