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Samurai Helmet

Step 1. Start with a square, white side up, turned so that one corner points toward you.

Step 2. Fold one corner on top of
              the opposite corner.

Step 3. This is the result.

Step 4. Fold the bottom corners up to
             meet at the top corner.

Step 5. Fold the same two corners from the last
             step down to meet at the bottom corner

Step 6. This is the result.

Step 7. Spin the model around so that the points are facing away from you, and look like this. Now fold the two points out.

Step 8. TOP LAYER ONLY! Fold the bottom flap upwards, so that the distance between the point and the horizontal center line is just slightly more than the distance between the horizontal center line and the bottom of the crease.

Step 9. TOP LAYER ONLY! Fold the bottom flap upwards again, this time folding the flap along the horizontal center line.

Step 10. Fold the bottom flap backwards (mountain fold!) along the center horizontal line.

Step 11. Done

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