Start with the Preliminary Base

Step 1. Fold flap A upright.

Step 2. Squash flap A flat

Step 3. Like this

Step 4. Fold flap B upright.

Step 5. Squash flap B Flat

Step 6. Like this, Turn over

Step 7. Squash flap C flat

Step 8. Lift flap D up

Step 9. Squash flap D flat

Step 10. Pull D up, Fold sides in

Step 11. Like this, Do the same with the 3 other sides.

Step 12. Like this

Step 13. Fold top flap over

Step 14. Fold flaps in like so

Step 15. Fold over and behind

Step 16. Fold in and behind

Step 17. Fold over and behind

Step 18. Reverse fold

Step 19. Turn Over

Step 20. Reverse fold

Step 21. Reverse fold

Step 22. Reverse fold all tips

Step 23. Done


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