Feeding Bird

By Mr. Dokuohtei Nakano

Start from rectangle 

Step 1. Make creases.

Step 2. Make creases.

Step 3. Fold in half.

Step 4. Fold in half, front and back.

Step 5. Open this flap up, folding it inside along the marked lines.

Step 6.  

Step 7. The same folding behind

Step 8. Pull out

Step 9. 

Step 10.  

Step 11.  The same folding behind.

Step 12. Push in.

Step 13. Reverse Fold

Step 14. Reverse Fold

Step 15. Baby bird opening its mouth.

Step 16.  

Step 17. Pull up.

Step 18. Push in.

Step 19.  

Step 20.  

Step 21.  

Step 22. Hold the nest and pull the mother bird's tail. The mother 
will feed her baby in the nest. Adjust the angle of the mother's neck 
and head so that her bill will come right in the baby's mouth when 
you pull the tail.


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