%Header Record Format:TXT Communication SW:0 Data Type:PG Capacity:2556 File Name:ARCHERY Group Name: Password: Option1:NL Option2: Option3: Option4: %Data Record \ViewWindow 1,127,0,1,63,0 \Cls \ClrText 0\->A~Z 1\->Z 1\->O \Getkey \Locate 1,1,"ARCHERY V.1.0 AT PROD" \Locate 1,3,"PLAYERS ROUNDS DIST" \Locate 1,4," \->ONE \->TWO \->30\milli" \Locate 1,5," TWO FIVE 50\milli" \Locate 1,6," TEN 70\milli" \Locate 1,7," TWENTY 90\milli" 1\->R \Lbl M \Locate 2,3+Z,"\->" \Getkey \Ans=27\=>\GotoN \Ans=38\=>\GotoO \Ans=28\ Or \Ans=37\=>Z+1\->Z \Ans=31\=>\GotoP Z=3\=>1\->Z \Locate 2,5," " \Locate 2,4," " \GotoM \Lbl N \For 4\->I \To 7 \Locate 10,I," " \Next \Locate 10,3+R,"\->" \Getkey \Ans=27\=>\GotoO \Ans=38\=>\GotoM \Ans=37\=>R+1\->R \Ans=28\=>R-1\->R \Ans=31\=>\GotoP R=5\=>1\->R R=0\=>4\->R \GotoN \Lbl O \For 4\->I \To 7 \Locate 18,I," " \Next \Getkey \Locate 18,3+O,"\->" \Ans=27\=>\GotoM \Ans=38\=>\GotoN \Ans=31\=>\GotoP \Ans=28\=>O-1\->O \Ans=37\=>1+O\->O O=5\=>1\->O O=0\=>4\->O \GotoO \Lbl P R*10\->R R=10\=>2\->R R=20\=>5\->R R=30\=>10\->R R=40\=>20\->R O*3\->O 1\->P 1\->N 70\->C \Orange \Text 5,C,"ARCHERY V 1.0 " \Text 10,C,"------------ " Z=2\=>\Green \Text 20,C,"PLAYER " Z=2\=>\Text 20,115,"1" \Green \Text 27,C,"SHOT " \Text 27,115,"1" \Green \Text 34,C,"POINTS " \Text 34,115,"0" \Green \Text 41,70,"LAST" \Text 41,115,"0" \Green \Text 48,70,"AVERAGE" \Text 48,115,"0" \Green \Text 55,70,"ROUNDS" \Text 55,115,R \Lbl 0 \Int 13\Ran#+1\->X \Int 7\Ran#+1\->Y 2\->G~H 0\->A \Circle 32,32,30 \F-Line 30,32,34,32 \F-Line 32,30,32,34 \Int 63\Ran#+1\->\r \Int 63\Ran#+1\->\theta 0\->F \While A\<>78\ And F\<>\(-)1 \Getkey\->A \Isz F F=50\=>\Text 10,20,"HURRY UP" F=65\=>\(-)1\->F \If A\<>78 \Then A=38\=>\theta-\Int (12+O)\Ran#\->\theta A=27\=>\theta+\Int (12+O)\Ran#\->\theta A=37\=>\r+\Int (12+O)\Ran#\->\r A=28\=>\r-\Int (12+O)\Ran#\->\r (3-(O/8))\Ran#<1\=>\Int ((10+O)\Ran#-(5+O/2)+\r\->\r (3-(O/8))\Ran#<1\=>\Int ((10+O)\Ran#-(5+O/2)+\theta\->\theta \theta>63\=>63\->\theta \theta<1\=>1\->\theta \r>63\=>63\->\r \r<1\=>1\->\r \PxlOff G,H \Green \PxlOn \r,\theta \r\->G \theta\->H \IfEnd \WhileEnd \Lbl 2 \PxlOff G,H \Int ((32-\sqrt((\Abs (\r-32))\x^2+(\Abs (\theta-32))\x^2))/3)\->S 0\->M S\<=0\=>1\->M F=-1\=>2\->M \For 1\->I \To 63 \Step 5 \Text I,1," " \Next \Text 57,20," " \Text 48,10,"\theta" \Text 53,10,"#" \Text 53,13,"-)" \Text 53,58,"()" \Text 58,10,"^" \PxlOff 1,1 \If M\<=1 \Then \For 1\->I \To 200 \Next \For 3\->I \To 36 \Step 3 \F-Line 21+I,9,24+I,9 \Text 55,17+I," " \Next \IfEnd \If M=1 \Then \Text 53,58,"(-" \Text 53,58,"(-" \Text 53,58,"() " \IfEnd M\>=1\=>0\->S M=2\=>\Text 10,10,"DISQUALIFIED" \For 1\->I \To 11 \Text 20,I," POINTS" \Next \For 2\->I \To 20 \Text I-1,43," " \Text I,43,S \Next \Text 34,115," " \Text 41,115," " \Text 48,115," " \If P=1 \Then S\->L S+T\->T \Int ((T/N))\->E \Text 48,115,E \Text 41,115,S N+1\->N \Text 34,115,T \IfEnd \If P=2 \Then S\->U S+V\->V \Int (V/(N-1))\->W \Text 34,115,V \Text 41,115,U \Text 48,115,W \IfEnd 1\->I 12\->\theta \While \Getkey\<>31 I+\theta\->\theta 20\Ran#<1\=>8\Ran#-4\->I \theta>62\=>-(4\Ran#)\->I \theta<-I+1\=>4\Ran#\->I \Text 30,\Int \theta," [PRESS EXE] " \WhileEnd \Text 30,\Int \theta," " \If Z=1\ Or (Z=2\ And P=2) \Then \Text 27,115,N \IfEnd \If Z=2 \Then \Text 34,115," " \Text 41,115," " \Text 48,115," " P+1\->P P=3\=>1\->P \Text 20,115,P \If P=1 \Then 0\->I \Text 34,115,T \Text 41,115,L \Text 48,115,E \IfEnd \If P=2 \Then \Text 34,115,V \Text 41,115,U \Text 48,115,W \IfEnd \IfEnd \For 1\->I \To 63 \Step 5 \Text I,1," " \Next N\<>R+1\=>\Goto0 P=2\ And N=R+1\=>\Goto0 \Lbl R \Cls \Text 1,20,"---\(-)FINAL RESULTS\(-)---" \Orange \Text 18,13,"ROUNDS" \Orange \Text 18,42,R \Text 18,50,"DISTANCE" O=3\=>30\->O O=6\=>50\->O O=9\=>70\->O O=12\=>90\->O \Text 18,90,O \If Z=2 \Then \Orange \Text 30,25,"PLAYER 1" \Orange \Text 37,25,"PLAYER 2" \Green \Text 24,61,"SCORE" \Green \Text 24,90,"AVG." \Text 30,92,E \Text 37,92,W \Text 30,65,T \Text 37,65,V V>T\=>\Green \Text 37,21,"!" T>V\=>\Green \Text 30,21,"!" \IfEnd \If Z=1 \Then \Green \Text 30,40,"SCORE" \Text 30,75,T \Green \Text 36,40,"AVERAGE" \Text 36,75,\Int (T/R) \IfEnd %End