%Header Record Format:VAL Communication SW:0 Data Type:MT Rows:11 Columns:1 Variable Name:Mat C Group Name: Variable Type:R Variable Length:10 Option1: Option2: Option3: Option4: %Data Record Value : 1 1 0 Value : 2 1 0 Value : 3 1 0 Value : 4 1 0 Value : 5 1 0 Value : 6 1 0 Value : 7 1 0 Value : 8 1 0 Value : 9 1 0 Value : 10 1 0 Value : 11 1 0 %End %Header Record Format:TXT Communication SW:0 Data Type:PG Capacity:10292 File Name:KINGDOM Group Name: Password: Option1:NL Option2: Option3: Option4: %Data Record \Lbl \r \GridOff \AxesOff \LabelOff \ClrGraph \Text 14,10,"YOU AWAKE FROM YOUR SLEEP" \Text 28,10,"DANGEROUS QUESTS AWAIT YOU!"\Disp\ClrText \Green "1 NEW GAME" \Green "2 CONTINUE "?\->X \If X=1 \Then 1000\->\Mat C[1,1] 10\->\Mat C[2,1] 10\->\Mat C[3,1] 1\->\Mat C[4,1] 0\->\Mat C[5,1] 0\->\Mat C[6,1] 1\->\Mat C[7,1] 0\->\Mat C[8,1] 0\->\Mat C[9,1] 0\->\Mat C[10,1] 0\->\Mat C[11,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd X=2\=>\Goto\theta \Lbl \theta \Mat C[10,1]\->R \ClrGraph \Fix 0 \If \Mat C[8,1]\>=300 \Then \Mat C[3,1]+1\->D D\->\Mat C[3,1] \Mat C[3,1]\->\Mat C[2,1] \Mat C[8,1]-300\->\Mat C[8,1] \Text 21,40,"+ 1 HEALTH" \Text 35,40,"+ FULL HEAL" \Text 42,40,D \Text 42,65,"\slash" \Text 42,70,D\Disp\IfEnd \Mat C[1,1]\->B \Mat C[2,1]\->C \Mat C[3,1]\->D \Mat C[4,1]\->E \Mat C[6,1]\->F \Mat C[8,1]\->H \ClrGraph \ClrText F=0\=>\Goto0 F=1\=>\Goto1 \Lbl 0 \Horizontal 0 \Text 56,20,"KINGDOM V3.(C).TAN 03" \Green \Text 25,15,"WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM"\Disp1\->\Mat C[6,1] 1\->A A\->\Mat C[5,1] \Lbl 1 \ClrGraph \Horizontal 2 \Horizontal \(-)2 \Mat C[5,1]=2\=>\Text 50,1,"RANK\(-)KNIGHT" \Mat C[5,1]=1\=>\Text 50,1,"RANK\(-)PEASANT" \Mat C[5,1]=3\=>\Text 50,1,"RANK\(-)LORD" \Mat C[5,1]=4\=>\Text 50,1,"RANK\(-)BARON" \Text 50,60,"1) BANK " \Text 50,93,\Mat C[11,1] R=2\=>\Text 10,50,"THE CAVES" R=0\=>\Text 10,40,"THE KINGDOM" R=1\=>\Text 10,45,"THE CASTLE" E=1\=>\Text 56,1,"FISTS A1" E=18\=>\Text 56,1,"DAGGER A18" E=20\=>\Text 56,1,"SHORT SWORD A20" E=55\=>\Text 56,1,"DRAGON SWORD A55" E=50\=>\Text 56,1,"ELF BOW A50" E=15\=>\Text 56,1,"BOW A15" E=25\=>\Text 56,1,"CROSS BOW A25" E=35\=>\Text 56,1,"LONG SWORD A35" E=60\=>\Text 56,1,"BATTLE AXE A60" E=80\=>\Text 56,1,"PIKE A80" E=85\=>\Text 56,1,"LONG BOW A85" E=90\=>\Text 56,1,"CURSE ROD A90" E=89\=>\Text 56,1,"CANNON A89" E=95\=>\Text 56,1,"MYSTIC SWORD A95" E=99\=>\Text 56,1,"GREAT BOW A99" E=110\=>\Text 56,1,"BLESSED\(-)STICK A110" E=130\=>\Text 56,1,"FIRE ROD A130" E=150\=>\Text 56,1,"GREAT AXE A150" \Mat C[7,1]=1.15\=>\Text 56,70,"D\(-)SCALE" \Mat C[7,1]=1.05\=>\Text 56,70,"M\(-)COAT" \Mat C[7,1]=1.1\=>\Text 56,70,"S\(-)SCALE" \Mat C[9,1]=1.1\=>\Text 56,100,"S\(-)HELMET" \Mat C[9,1]=1.15\=>\Text 56,100,"SPIKED" \Text 1,95,"EXP" \Text 1,110,H \Text 1,1,"CASH" \Text 1,25,B \Text 1,50,"H" \Text 1,55,C \Text 1,70,"\slash" \Text 1,75,D R=2\=>\Green \Text 20,10,"F1 MOUNTAINS" R=2\=>\Green \Text 30,40,"F2 KINGDOM" R=0\=>\Green \Text 30,85,"F3 FIELD" R=0\ And \Mat C[5,1]=4\=>\Green \Text 30,10,"F6 CAVES" R=0\ And \Mat C[5,1]\<>4\=>\Green \Text 30,20,"?" R=0\=>\Green \Text 40,10,"F4 FOREST" \Green \Text 40,85,"F5 HEALERS" R=0\=>\Green \Text 20,85,"F2 CASTLE" R=0\=>\Green \Text 20,10,"F1 MARKET" R=1\=>\Green \Text 20,10,"F1 DUNGEON" R=1\=>\Green \Text 30,10,"F3 W\(-)SMITH" R=1\ And \Mat C[5,1]>1\=>\Green \Text 30,85,"F4 DOCKS" R=1\ And \Mat C[5,1]=1\=>\Green \Text 30,105,"?" R=1\=>\Green \Text 20,85,"F2 QUEEN" R=1\=>\Green \Text 40,10,"F6 KINGDOM" \Lbl A \If R=2\ And \Getkey=69 \Then 0\->\Mat C[10,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=72\ And B\>=100 \Then "1000\(-)WITHDRAWAL" "100\(-)DEPOSIT" "1. DEPOSIT" "2. WITHDRAWAL" "3. EXIT"?\->Z Z=3\=>\Goto\theta \If Z=1 \Then \ClrText B-100\->\Mat C[1,1] \Mat C[1,1]\->B \Locate 1,7,"CASH" \Locate 6,7,B "DEPOSIT HOW MUCH"?\->Z \If B+1\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd B-Z\->\Mat C[1,1] Z+\Mat C[11,1]\->\Mat C[11,1] \ClrText "DEPOSITED CASH"\Disp\Goto\theta \IfEnd \If Z=2 \Then \ClrText B-1000\->\Mat C[1,1] \Mat C[1,1]\->B \Locate 1,7,"STORED" \Locate 8,7,\Mat C[11,1] "WITHDRAW HOW MUCH"?\->Z \If Z>\Mat C[11,1] \Then "NOT ENOUGH CASH"\Disp1000+B\->\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd Z+B\->\Mat C[1,1] \Mat C[11,1]-Z\->\Mat C[11,1] \ClrText "CASH WITHDRAWN"\Disp\Goto\theta \IfEnd \IfEnd \If R=2\ And \Getkey=79\ And C>0 \Then 5\->O \GotoD \IfEnd \If R=0\ And \Getkey=29\ And \Mat C[5,1]=4 \Then 3\->O:\GotoD:\IfEnd C>0\ And R=1\ And \Getkey=59\=>\GotoY \If R=1\ And \Getkey=49\ And C>0\ And \Mat C[5,1]>1 \Then 2\->O \GotoD \IfEnd \If R=1\ And \Getkey=79\ And C>0 \Then 0\->O \GotoD \IfEnd \If R=1\ And \Getkey=69 \Then 0\->U \GotoU \IfEnd \If R=1\ And \Getkey=29 \Then 0\->\Mat C[10,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd R=0\ And \Getkey=79\=>\GotoB R=0\ And \Getkey=69\ And C>0\=>\GotoC \If \Getkey=59\ And C>0\ And R=0 \Then 0\->O \GotoD \IfEnd \If \Getkey=49\ And C>0\ And R=0 \Then 1\->O \GotoD \IfEnd \Getkey=39\=>\GotoF \GotoA \Lbl B \ClrGraph \Text 1,1,"MARKET" \Text 14,1,"1) BOW 800 A15" \Text 21,1,"2) CROSSBOW 4000 A25" \Text 28,1,"3) LONG SWORD 5000 A35" \Text 35,1,"4) BATTLE AXE 6000 A60" \Text 42,1,"5) METAL COAT 4000 D1.05" \Text 49,1,"6) STEEL HELMET 5000 D1.1" \Text 1,80,"CASH" \Text 1,100,B \Lbl G \If \Getkey=72 \Then B<800\=>\GotoG B-800\->B 15\->\Mat C[4,1] B\->\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=62 \Then B<4000\=>\GotoG B-4000\->B 25\->\Mat C[4,1] B\->\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=52 \Then B<5000\=>\GotoG B-5000\->B 35\->\Mat C[4,1] B\->\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=73 \Then B<6000\=>\GotoG B-6000\->B B\->\Mat C[1,1] 60\->\Mat C[4,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=63 \Then B<4000\=>\GotoG B-4000\->B B\->\Mat C[1,1] \Mat C[9,1]=1\=>0\->\Mat C[9,1] 1.05\->\Mat C[7,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=53 \Then B<5000\=>\GotoG B-5000\->B B\->\Mat C[1,1] \Mat C[7,1]=1\=>0\->\Mat C[7,1] 1.1\->\Mat C[9,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \Getkey=31\=>\Goto\theta \GotoG \Lbl C 100\->K K\->M C\->W \Lbl Q \ClrGraph \Green \Text 40,1,"PASS THE ROYAL GUARD TO ENTER" \Text 1,1,"THREAT" \Text 1,50,"WEAPON" \Text 14,1,"ROYAL GUARD" \Text 21,1,"H" \Text 21,5,K \Text 14,50,"PIKE A80" \Text 49,1,"ACTION?" \Text 56,1,"HIT" K=M\ And C=W\=>\Text 56,20,"RUN" K=M\ And C=W\=>\Text 56,40,"BRIBE" \Text 56,80,"YOU" \Text 56,100,"H" \Text 56,105,C \Horizontal 0 \Horizontal 2.5 \Lbl P \Getkey=79\=>\GotoR \Goto7 \Lbl R \Intg ((D+M)\Ran#)+1\->J \If D\>=J \Then K-E\->K \IfEnd \If K<1 \Then \ClrGraph \Text 14,10,"THREAT KILLED" \Text 28,10,"EXP GAINED=" \Text 28,60,(M/D*50) (M/D*50)+H\->H H\->\Mat C[8,1] \Text 42,10,"CASH STOLEN=" \Text 42,60,M*10\DispM*10+B\->B B\->\Mat C[1,1] 1\->\Mat C[10,1] \Intg (2*\Ran#)+1\->S \If S=1 \Then \ClrGraph \Text 7,1,"USE HIS PIKE (A80)" \Text 14,1,"INSTEAD OF YOUR CURRENT WEAPON" \Text 56,1,"YES NO" \Lbl S \If \Getkey=79 \Then 80\->\Mat C[4,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \Getkey=69\=>\Goto\theta \GotoS \IfEnd \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If J>D\ And J\<=D+M \Then \ClrGraph C-80/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C C\->\Mat C[2,1] \Text 35,1,"ROYAL GUARD ATTACKS QUICKLY" \Text 42,1,"YOU ARE WOUNDED"\Disp\IfEnd \If C<1 \Then \Text 49,1,"................. KILLED"\DispB/2\->B 0\->C B\->\Mat C[1,1] 0\->\Mat C[2,1] \GotoF \IfEnd \GotoQ \Lbl 7 \If \Getkey=69\ And K=M\ And C=W \Then \ClrGraph \Intg (2\Ran#)+1\->I \If I=1 \Then \Text 40,1,"GOT AWAY SAFELY"\Disp\Goto\theta \IfEnd \If I=2 \Then \Text 40,1,"GUARD BLOCKED YOU OFF"\Disp\GotoR \IfEnd \IfEnd \If \Getkey=59\ And B\>=4000\ And K=M\ And C=W \Then \ClrGraph \Text 20,10,"4000 GIVEN TO GUARD" \Text 40,10,"ENTRY ALLOWED"\Disp1\->R R\->\Mat C[10,1] \Mat C[1,1]-4000\->\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \GotoP \Lbl D \Intg (3\Ran#)+1\->I O=0\ And R=0\=>\Intg (15\Ran#)+5\->K O=1\ And R=0\=>\Intg (40\Ran#)+50\->K R=1\ And O=0\=>\Intg (100\Ran#)+100\->K R=1\ And O=2\=>\Intg (90\Ran#)+150\->K R=0\ And O=3\=>\Intg (50\Ran#+250)\->K R=2\=>\Intg (100\Ran#)+300\->K \Intg (2\Ran#)+1\->J K\->M C\->W \Lbl M \Intg ((M+D)\Ran#)+1\->L \ClrGraph \Horizontal 0 \Horizontal 2.5 \Green \Text 1,1,"THREAT" \Green \Text 1,50,"WEAPON" \Text 23,1,"H" \Text 23,5,K \If R=2 \Then \Text 14,1,"BLACK DRAGON" \Text 14,55,"FIRE\(-)BREATH A300" \IfEnd \If R=0\ And I=3\ And O=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"FERAL RAT" \Text 14,50,"TEETH A5" \IfEnd \If I=2\ And O=0\ And R=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"PEASANT" \Text 14,50,"DAGGER A18" \IfEnd \If I=1\ And O=0\ And R=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"ROBBER" \Text 14,50,"SHORT SWORD A20" \IfEnd \If I=1\ And O=1\ And R=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"GRYPHON" \Text 14,50,"SHARP CLAPS A50" K=M\ And C=W\=>\Green \Text 21,50,"IT HAS A RIDDLE!" \IfEnd \If I=2\ And O=1\ And R=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"EVIL KNIGHT" \Text 14,50,"DRAGON SWORD A55" \IfEnd \If I=3\ And O=1\ And R=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"ELF" \Text 14,50,"ELF BOW A50" \IfEnd \If R=1\ And I=1\ And O=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"ARCHER" \Text 14,50,"LONG BOW A85" \IfEnd \If R=1\ And I=2\ And O=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"EX\(-)PIKEMAN" \Text 14,50,"PIKE A80" \IfEnd \If R=1\ And I=3\ And O=0 \Then \Text 14,1,"MAGE" \Text 14,50,"CURSE ROD A90" \IfEnd \If R=1\ And O=2\ And I=1 \Then \Text 14,1,"SEA SERPANT" \Text 14,50,"ACID BREATH A92" \IfEnd \If R=1\ And O=2\ And I=2 \Then \Text 14,1,"PIRATES" \Text 14,50,"CANNON A89" \IfEnd \If R=1\ And O=2\ And I=3 \Then \Text 14,1,"ASIAN MAGE" \Text 14,50,"MYSTIC SWORD A95" \IfEnd \If R=0\ And O=3\ And I=1:\Then \Text 14,1,"RED DRAGON":\Text 14,50,"FIRE\(-)BREATH A180":\IfEnd \If R=0\ And O=3\ And I=2:\Then \Text 14,1,"BLUE DRAGON":\Text 14,50,"FIRE\(-)BREATH A170":\IfEnd \If R=0\ And O=3\ And I=3:\Then \Text 14,1,"D\(-)SLAYER":\Text 14,50,"GREAT BOW A99":\IfEnd \Text 56,80,"YOU" \Text 56,100,"H" \Text 56,105,C \Text 49,1,"ACTION?" \Text 56,1,"HIT" K=M\ And C=W\=>\Text 56,20,"RUN" I=1\ And O=1\ And K=M\ And C=W\=>\Text 56,45,"GUESS" \Lbl I \Getkey=79\=>\GotoH \If \Getkey=69\ And K=M\ And C=W \Then \If J=1 \Then \Text 40,1,"GOT AWAY SAFELY!"\Disp\Goto\theta \IfEnd \If J=2 \Then \Text 40,1,"THREAT BLOCKED YOU OFF"\Disp\GotoH \IfEnd \IfEnd \Getkey=59\ And K=M\ And C=W\ And I=1\ And O=1\=>\Goto5 \GotoI \Lbl H \ClrGraph \If L\<=D \Then K-E\->K \IfEnd \If K<1 \Then \Text 1,1,"THREAT KILLED" \Text 14,1,"EXP GAINED=" \Text 14,60,(M/D*50) \Text 28,1,"CASH STOLEN=" \Text 28,60,(M*10)\Disp(M*10+B)\->\Mat C[1,1] (M/D*50+H)\->\Mat C[8,1] \If R=2 \Then \ClrGraph \Text 14,1,"THE QUEEN HONOURS YOU FOR" \Text 21,1,"YOUR BRAVERY!" \Text 28,1,"THE KINGDOM IS CLEAR OF EVIL!"\Disp\Green \Text 56,1,"GAME COMPLETED"\Disp\Goto\r \IfEnd \Intg (4\Ran#)+1\->S \If S=2\ And R=1\ And O=2\ And I=1 \Then \ClrGraph \Text 20,1,"USE SERPANT SCALE D1.1 INSTEAD" \Text 40,1,"OF CURRENT BODY ARMOUR?" \Text 56,1,"YES NO" \Lbl W \If \Getkey=79 \Then \Mat C[9,1]=1\=>0\->\Mat C[9,1] 1.1\->\Mat C[7,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=69 \Then \Goto\theta \IfEnd \GotoW \IfEnd \If S=2\ And O=3\ And I=1\ And R=0\ Or S=2\ And O=3\ And I=2\ And R=0:\Then \ClrGraph \Text 20,1,"USE DRAGON SCALE D1.15 INSTEAD":\Text 40,1,"OF CURRENT BODY ARMOUR?":\Text 56,1,"YES NO" \Lbl 8 \If \Getkey=79:\Then \Mat C[9,1]=1\=>0\->\Mat C[9,1]:1.15\->\Mat C[7,1]:2\->\Mat C[10,1]:\Goto\theta:\IfEnd \If \Getkey=69 \Then 2\->\Mat C[10,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \Goto8 \IfEnd \If S=2\ And I=2\ And O=1\ Or S=2\ And I=3\ And O=1\ Or R=0\ And S=2\ And I=1\ And O=0\ Or S=2\ And I=2\ And O=0\ And R=0\ Or S=2\ And R=1\ And I=1\ And O=0\ Or S=2\ And R=1\ And I=2\ Or S=2\ And R=1\ And I=3\ Or S=2\ And R=0\ And I=3\ And O=3 \Then \ClrGraph \Text 14,1,"USE THREAT'S WEAPON INSTEAD OF" \Text 21,1,"CURRENT WEAPON?" \Text 56,1,"YES NO" \Lbl T \If \Getkey=79 \Then R=0\ And I=2\ And O=1\=>55\->E R=0\ And I=3\ And O=1\=>50\->E R=0\ And I=2\ And O=0\=>18\->E R=0\ And I=1\ And O=0\=>20\->E R=1\ And I=1\ And O=0\=>85\->E R=1\ And I=2\ And O=0\=>80\->E R=1\ And I=3\ And O=0\=>90\->E R=1\ And O=2\ And I=2\=>89\->E R=1\ And O=2\ And I=3\=>95\->E R=0\ And O=3\ And I=3\=>99\->E O=3\=>2\->\Mat C[10,1] E\->\Mat C[4,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=69 \Then O=3\=>2\->\Mat C[10,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \GotoT \IfEnd O=3\=>2\->\Mat C[10,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If L>D\ And L\<=(M+D) \Then R=0\ And I=2\ And O=0\=>C-18/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C I=1\ And O=0\ And R=0\=>C-20/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C I=3\ And O=0\ And R=0\=>C-5/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C I=1\ And O=1\ And R=0\=>C-50/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C I=2\ And O=1\ And R=0\=>C-55/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C I=3\ And O=1\ And R=0\=>C-50/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=1\ And I=1\ And O=0\=>C-85/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=1\ And I=2\ And O=0\=>C-80/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=1\ And I=3\ And O=0\=>C-90/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=1\ And I=1\ And O=2\=>C-92/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=1\ And I=2\ And O=2\=>C-89/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=1\ And I=3\ And O=2\=>C-95/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=0\ And I=1\ And O=3\=>C-180/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=0\ And I=2\ And O=3\=>C-170/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=0\ And I=3\ And O=3\=>C-99/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C R=2\=>C-300/(\Mat C[9,1]+\Mat C[7,1])\->C C\->\Mat C[2,1] \Text 35,1,"THREAT ATTACKS QUICKLY" \Text 42,1,"YOU ARE WOUNDED"\Disp\IfEnd \If C\<=0 \Then \Text 49,1,"................. KILLED!!"\DispB/2\->B 0\->C B\->\Mat C[1,1] 0\->\Mat C[2,1] \GotoF \IfEnd \GotoM \Lbl F \ClrGraph \Text 1,1,"HEALERS" \Text 1,90,"H" \Text 1,95,\Mat C[2,1] \Text 14,1,"1) FULL HEAL- 200" \Text 28,1,"2) HALF HEAL- 100" \Text 42,1,"3) QUARTER HEAL- 50" \Text 56,1,"4) REVIVE- 0" \Lbl N \Getkey=31\=>\Goto\theta \If \Getkey=72\ And B\>=200\ And C\Mat C[2,1] B-200\->\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=62\ And B\>=100\ And C<(D/2) \Then D/2\->\Mat C[2,1] B-100\->\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=52\ And B\>=50\ And C<(D/4) \Then D/4\->\Mat C[2,1] B-50\->\Mat C[1,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=73\ And C=0 \Then 1\->\Mat C[2,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \GotoN \Lbl 5 \If J=1 \Then \Text 40,1,"AARGH! THAT'S RIGHT"\Disp\ClrGraph \Text 14,1,"EXP GAINED=" \Text 14,60,(M/D*20) \Text 28,1,"CASH WON=" \Text 28,50,M*10\DispM*10+B\->B B\->\Mat C[1,1] (M/D*20+H)\->H H\->\Mat C[8,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If J=2 \Then \Text 40,1,"\aster*#! WRONG !\aster*#"\Disp\GotoH \IfEnd \Lbl U \ClrGraph \If \Mat C[5,1]=4 \Then \Text 30,1,"YOU HAVE THE HIGHEST RANK!"\Disp\Goto\theta \IfEnd \If D<60 \Then \Text 14,1,"YOU NEED TO BE OVER H59" \Text 21,1,"TO MEET THE QUEEN!"\Disp\Goto\theta \IfEnd \If D\>=60 \Then \Horizontal 1 \Text 30,20,"F1 APPROVAL 400" \Text 50,20,"F2 PETITION 6000" \Green \Text 7,1,"RECEIVE QUEEN'S APPROVAL PRIOR" \Green \Text 14,1,"TO PETITIONING FOR HIGHER RANK" \Text 56,70,"CASH" \Text 56,90,\Mat C[1,1] \Lbl V \If \Getkey=79\ And \Mat C[1,1]\>=400 \Then \ClrGraph \Mat C[1,1]-400\->\Mat C[1,1] \Intg (7\Ran#)+1\->T \If T=2 \Then 1\->U \Green \Text 14,1,"QUEEN" \Text 20,1,"'YES, YOU HAVE MY APPROVAL!" \Text 30,1,"PETITION SOON BEFORE YOU LOSE" \Text 40,1,"IT'"\Disp\GotoU \IfEnd \If T=1\ Or T=7\ Or T=4\ Or T=6 \Then \Green \Text 10,20,"QUEEN" \Text 20,20,"'YOU AREN'T WORTHY YET'"\Disp\GotoU \IfEnd \If T=3\ Or T=5 \Then \Green \Text 10,20,"QUEEN" \Text 20,20,"'HMMMM............'"\Disp\GotoU \IfEnd \IfEnd \If \Getkey=69\ And \Mat C[1,1]\>=6000\ And U=1 \Then \ClrGraph \Mat C[5,1]+1\->\Mat C[5,1] \Mat C[1,1]-6000\->\Mat C[1,1] \Text 20,10,"HIGHER RANK GRANTED"\Disp\If \Mat C[5,1]=4 \Then \ClrGraph \Text 20,1,"THE QUEEN ORDERS YOU TO KILL" \Text 30,1,"THE BLACK DRAGON!" \Green \Text 40,1,"QUEEN" \Text 50,1,"'YOU MUST ENTER THE CAVES'"\Disp\IfEnd \Goto\theta \IfEnd \Getkey=31\=>\Goto\theta \GotoV \IfEnd \Lbl Y \ClrGraph \Text 1,1,"ROYAL WEAPON SMITH" \Mat C[1,1]\->B \Text 56,80,"CASH" \Text 56,100,B \Text 10,1,"1) BLESSED STICK 9000 A110" \Text 20,1,"2) FIRE ROD 10000 A130" \Text 30,1,"3) GREAT AXE 11000 A150" \Text 40,1,"4) SPIKED HELMET 10000 D1.15" \Lbl 6 \If \Getkey=72\ And B\>=9000 \Then B-9000\->\Mat C[1,1] 110\->\Mat C[4,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=62\ And B\>=10000 \Then B-10000\->\Mat C[1,1] 130\->\Mat C[4,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=52\ And B\>=11000 \Then B-11000\->\Mat C[1,1] 150\->\Mat C[4,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \If \Getkey=73\ And B\>=10000 \Then B-10000\->\Mat C[1,1] \Mat C[7,1]=1\=>0\->\Mat C[7,1] 1.15\->\Mat C[9,1] \Goto\theta \IfEnd \Getkey=31\=>\Goto\theta \Goto6 %End